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Changing Your Immigration Status

Under federal law, you will be able to change the status of your immigration if you meet specific qualifications. Those who are seeking to change their status may benefit greatly from the assistance of an experienced attorney at Robert Brown LLC. Changing your immigration status is a permanent adjustment that may require the involvement of a consular or other governmental official or agency. Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, a person can determine the basis of their immigration and file a petition for adjustment of status as long as he or she is eligible.

Determining eligibility can be difficult. The first step you and your lawyer will discuss is the petition with which you can file for a change to your status. Whether you are looking to file a family-based immigration petition or a special-classes petition, our firm can help. It is also important that upon changing your status, you determine the availability of the visa that you are hoping to receive. Some visas have very limited quantities, which is why it is so important that you file your petition correctly the first time to avoid mistakes.

In determining eligibility, you will also need to attend an interview at a consulate or embassy. In this interview, you will answer questions regarding your current immigration status, what the change of status will be, and your eligibility, and your family's eligibility to adjust relatives' statuses. Make sure you bring all necessary documents with you, including passports, visas, green cards, and any other travel forms you may have at your disposal.

Robert Brown LLC can help!

You should never have to worry about facing an immigration status change or any other immigration concern alone. With the assistance of an experienced Ohio immigration attorney from our firm, you won't be alone; we will advocate for your rights. At Robert Brown LLC, you can rely on our dedicated staff to provide you with efficient service to help you resolve your immigration concerns in a timely manner. If you have questions pertaining to your particular case or immigration status, do not hesitate to contact the firm as soon as possible.

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