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Are you looking to extend or change your immigration status? Non-immigrants can change their status via Form I-539. This may be necessary for a number of reasons. Sometimes, a student visa holder may be offered a position of employment in the United States or an employed individual needs to extend the stay of their visa. Whatever the reason may be, if you are looking to change the status of your current immigration visa, then it is important that you contact the dedicated team at Robert Brown LLC. We have years of experience in guiding our clients through the immigration process and may be able to help you as well.

Form I-539

Immigrants looking to change their status can file Form I-539 to request an extension of the current visa that they are holding or change from one visa to another. The form can be downloaded on numerous government websites, or you can complete and file a paper application with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. There is an expensive filing fee, so it is imperative that the form be completed to the best of your abilities with no mistakes to ensure expedited processing. Depending on the current visa that you hold and which status you wish to change to, the process may slightly differ.

Robert Brown LLC can help!

Because the entire process is very strict, and those looking to receive a change or adjustment of status usually need to do so rather quickly, it may be to your advantage to enlist the help of an attorney from Robert Brown LLC as soon as possible. We will help you file the proper form in the correct manner as quickly as possible. These applications are time sensitive and require the execution of an experienced and dedicated lawyer. If you have questions pertaining to your particular situation, do not hesitate to contact an Ohio immigration attorney from our firm as quickly as possible.

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