Do You Qualify For A Diversity Visa?

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Did you know that in the United States certain visas are set aside for foreign nationals from countries who do not normally immigrate the U.S.? If you are citizen of a country such as Africa, Russia, or Guatemala, then you can apply to receive a visa to enter the United States. The chances of receiving one of these visas can be small (sometimes as low as 0.48% depending on the country you are applying from) and the forms can be difficult to manage. If you want to apply, it is recommended that you contact an attorney from our experienced and dedicated firm to assist you in the DV-2014 application process.

Online Application

In order to qualify for a diversity visa, you must first apply online. This online application is accessible through multiple government websites or with the assistance of an lawyer from Brown Immigration Law. Depending on the year that the visa will be eligible, the document number will change to reflect the prospected year of immigration. For example, those who are looking to become eligible to enter into the U.S. in the next lottery cycle will complete form DV-2014, reflecting diversity visa year 2014. If you are unsure of the year during which you will want to enter or what form you need to complete, then do not hesitate to contact Brown Immigration Law.

What are my chances of receiving this visa?

The diversity visa is a lottery process controlled by the United States government. Millions of applications are received each year and the chances of receiving a visa can be less than 1%. There is a 60-day window within which the government allows qualified applicants to submit an application. In an effort to raise your chances of receiving a lottery visa, it may be to your benefit to contact an experienced immigration attorney as soon as possible. At Brown Immigration Law, our dedicated legal professionals can help you quickly and accurately complete the diversity visa application or help you determine whether or not you qualify to receive a diversity visa.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your application or the status of your family members listed on your application, then contact Brown Immigration Law and speak with an Ohio immigration lawyer today.

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