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Documentary Requirements

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As an immigrant, it is important that you realize that there are certain documents that may be required of you in order to remain legally within the United States. Obtaining these documents and keeping them up to date and valid is important - otherwise, you may risk deportation or removal. If you have questions regarding what documents you need, updating documents, or requesting extensions, then you can contact Robert Brown LLC and we can help you ensure that you are remaining in the United States legally. The following documents are necessary to have in order to maintain legal status in the U.S.:

Valid passports verify a person's identity and allow that person to travel to foreign countries. Passports also serve as a form of internationally recognized governmental documentation.

Having a valid visa will allow you to remain within the United States legally without fear of removal or deportation. It is important that your visa is kept up to date and you stay within any limitations of your visa, including time restraints and work regulations.

Visa Waiver
Citizens of some countries, such as Australia and Sweden, may be eligible for a visa waiver program. Travelers can apply for a visa, however these programs allow eligible people to travel within the United States without restriction.

I-94 / I-95
An I-94 document is required by all non-immigrant visa holders entering the United States. The I-95 document is reserved for crewmembers of aircrafts or sea vessels upon U.S. port arrival.

This document is also known as a green card or alien registration card. This is a legal document that shows that you are lawfully residing within the United States as a permanent resident.

Border Crossing Cards
B1 and B2 visas are also called border crossing cards. These cards allow you to travel to and from the United States until the expiration date noted on the card. Expiration usually occurs about ten years after the date of issuance.

Advance Parole
This document allows individuals who do not hold permanent residency within the United States to return to the States after an extended trip outside the country. This is different than a reentry permit.

Reentry Permit
Form I-131 is an application for travel that allows you to reenter the United States after travel abroad if you are a permanent resident holding a green card.

Refugee Travel Document
Travel form I-131 allows refugees travel and reenter the United States. This is important to obtain, especially if you fear persecution in your home country and cannot risk deportation.

Our firm can assist you with your documents!

There are many reasons these documents need to be completed in a timely manner, especially if you are planning traveling outside of the United States and need to ensure that you will be able to reenter upon arrival. If you have questions or concerns regarding which document may be required of you, how to apply for the document, and how to correctly fill out and complete the form, then do not hesitate to contact Robert Brown LLC as soon as possible. With years of experience in assisting our clients with reaching favorable outcomes, we will be able to help you as well.

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