Could an Immigration Reform Bill Pass?

Immigration lawyers, as well people dreaming of finally getting legal status in the U.S.A., are trying to remain optimistic about the chances of an immigration reform bill passing. This has been a frustrating year for undocumented immigrants whose lives are on hold, awaiting changes in law that could allow them to finally gain the legal status that they deserve. Although the Senate passed a bipartisan immigration reform bill, this bill was stalled in the House, where it remains. Earlier in the year it appeared that we could be on the verge of finally getting a more reasonable approach to immigration, the focus of the government shifted to other items, including health care and the debt ceiling, leaving immigration reform on the back burner.

Those who live and work in the U.S.A. without legal status are at great risk under the current administration. It has come to light that there have been more deportations under the administration of President Obama than any other president in the past. Many, many of those deported, in fact, had no criminal convictions and were not a threat to society. If you are living and working in the country and do not currently have legal status, you are probably very concerned about your future, and living in fear, at least to some degree. The threat of deportation is something that only those in a position to be sent back to a country they may have left decades ago, can fully understand. If your family member has come under scrutiny of ICE, has been detained, or is threatened with removal, it is imperative that you get legal counsel from a highly qualified and experienced Ohio immigration lawyer immediately.

Deportation defense requires an exceptional level of legal skill. At Brown Immigration Law, we have the advantage of the founder of our firm being a former District Director for the Immigration and Naturalization Service. His experience working within the system has allowed him to understand the complexities of immigration law, from both sides, and the ability to take the correct legal action to defend against deportation or removal. Call Brown Immigration Law for assistance in any legal matter involving U.S. immigration law in Ohio. We have the contacts within the system, the ability to act fast, and the insight into the justice system that you want on your side.

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