How to Get a Green Card for a Family Member

If you are wondering how to get a green card for a family member, we advise you retain the counsel of an experienced immigration attorney at Brown Immigration Law right away. Our Cleveland-based law firm has been providing legal representation to immigrants and their families for decades. We are unwavering advocates for immigrant rights, whose commitment is clearly evident in our long track record of success. We understand how important it is to keep families together. It is for that reason we are committed to doing everything we can to help you pursue residency for those family members who are green card eligible. Even in cases where you may be ineligible to sponsor a family member's green card, there are other immigration options our firm would be happy to help you explore.

If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you may be able to petition on behalf of an immediate family member to allow him or her to pursue permanent residency here in the United States or at a US consulate outside the US. Parents, spouse and minorunmarried children of US citizens are all classified as immediate family members according to immigration laws. Married or adult children and siblings of a U.S. citizen, as well as either the spouse or unmarried children of a U.S. permanent resident are all classified as "preference relatives." The primary difference between these two classifications is that immediate relatives are not subjected to standing waiting periods and green card limitations. Preference relatives may be required to wait for their priority date to be current, sometimes years, before they will be able to apply for a visa or green card. In some cases the wait can be many years.

There are many complexities involved in the green card process. Without an in-depth knowledge of immigration laws and the specific requirements surrounding family-based immigration, obtaining a green card for a family member may be difficult frustrating and require a longer processing time. Hiring a Cleveland immigration attorney from Brown Immigration Law will significantly improve your chances of being able to smoothly navigate the green card application process. If you are interested in sponsoring a family member so he or she can pursue permanent residency in the United States, contact our firm and schedule a consultation right away.

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