How to Obtain Refugee Status for You or Your Family

Fear of religious, racial or political persecution are some of the most common reasons an individual may be reluctant to return to his or her home country. In circumstances such as these the United States government may be willing to grant asylum or refugee status to foreign nationals who can prove they have a valid reason to fear for their lives. If you believe that your life or the life of a member of your family would be placed in imminent danger should you be forced to return to your home country, an immigration lawyer from our Cleveland immigration law firm may be able to help you obtain refugee status.

Our lawyers have helped many people immigrate to this country. We have 50 years combined immigration law experience and first-hand knowledge of how federal immigration agencies operate. We understand what a frightening and difficult time this may be and that is why we are committed to doing everything we can to help get you the protection you justly deserve. Having our firm on your side will greatly improve that chances of having asylum granted to you or those you love.

Nobody should be subjected to torture or any form of punishment on account of who they are or as a result of their personal beliefs. Refugee status and asylum can be sought by individuals who have either just arrived in the country or by individuals who are facing removal proceedings. To get the help you deserve, call Brown Immigration Law right away so that we can have a Cleveland immigration lawyer review your case and advise you of the immigration options available for you or your family to pursue.

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