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Facing Deportation from the U.S.?

At Brown Immigration Law, we provide removal defense for immigrants who are facing deportation from the United States. Removal is another term for deportation, which is an order by the federal government to have an immigrant removed from the country. This order can be issued for a number of different reasons, but generally it is because an individual committed a criminal act, which can lead to a bar from returning to the U.S. Removal is a legal proceeding, which means that there are defendant's rights involved. The alien's rights can be protected by a North Carolina deportation defense attorney from Brown Immigration Law.

Reasons for Removal

An alien in the United States is subject to strict laws and can be removed if he or she violates any of these laws.

The removal process can begin based on commission of the following violations:

  • Violated non-immigrant status
  • Violated a condition of U.S. entry
  • Terminated conditional residence
  • Aided an illegal entrance into the U.S.
  • Convicted of a criminal offense
  • Failed to register important documents
  • Engaged in unlawful activities
  • Engaged in marriage fraud

These and other reasons can lead to a removal and even a bar from returning. A notice to appear (NTA) can be issued by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and then filed with the immigration court to initiate the removal process. There are specific laws and time limits that must be adhered to in order for this process to appropriately continue. If you need help with your legal removal issue, then it is essential to discuss your situation with an experienced immigration lawyer from Brown Immigration Law. We understand the laws involved in removal proceedings and can discuss how to handle your case based on the personal facts of the situation.

It is our goal to protect your rights and ensure that these rights are given accurate attention. Contact Brown Immigration Law today!


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