Expanded Interview Waiver Program in New Delhi Announced

On November 19, 2012 the United States Mission to India expanded the Interview Waiver Program (IWP). The IWP permits many qualified individuals to apply for visas without an interview being required. Many additional India visa applicants will benefit from this expansion.

Indian visa applicants who are renewing visas that are still valid or expired within the past 48 months may submit their applications for consideration of a waiver of the interview, the following visa applicants are now included:

  • · B1/B2 visitors for business or pleasure
  • · Dependents of J-1 H-1B or L-1
  • · Transit (C) or Crew Member (D) - including C1 to D.
  • · Children applying under 14 in any visa category
  • · Adults applying 80 or older in any visa category
  • · F-1 Students returning to the US to attend the same school and program
  • · H-1B Temporary workers
  • · L1A and L-1B intra company transfers

Application must be within the same classification as the previous visa. If the previous visa is has the words "clearance received," applicant is not eligible for a waiver of interview.

Not all applications will be accepted for streamlined processing. Consular officers may exercise discretion and require an interview. An appointment for biometrics (fingerprint and photograph) collection may still be required, and all applicants must submit all required fees and DS-160

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