New Senate Immigration Bill Could Seriously Limit Green Cards for Extended Family Members

For many years, immigration policy has heavily focused on families who wish to immigrate to the United States, over those individuals seeking to obtain green cards for economic or job criteria. With senators hard at work negotiating a new immigration bill, which is intended to thoroughly redirect the priorities of the U.S. immigration system, that focus could very likely change to the point where green card applicants may soon find that economic priorities will take a front seat to familial ties. According to reports, this new bill not have a major impact on green cards for immediate family members, but it is expected to seriously limit the number of green cards that will be issued for extended family members.

We know that immigrating to the United States is a major accomplishment, as not only are you now legally able to live and work in the states, but you are able to enjoy the privileges and rights of a lawful U.S. citizen. Unfortunately, we also know that obtaining your green card and your permanent resident status may only be half the battle. If you have loved ones, who have not yet emigrated, the next step becomes helping them obtain their visas so they will be able to join you. That is where an experienced immigration lawyer from Brown Immigration Law can help. Our firm has provided legal representation to clients with all types of family-based immigration needs. We have an in-depth understanding of immigration laws and we know how to determine which of the family-sponsored preferences will best align with your family's situation.

Immigration laws are extremely complex, and navigating through the immigration process can be a difficult, time-consuming and often frustrating endeavor. If you are looking to bring your immediate family, or extended family, into the United States, we strongly recommend you contact a skilled Ohio immigration attorney from our firm in order to discuss your available options. Our attorneys are thoroughly committed to providing you, and your family, with the aggressive representation you need to not only protect your interests and rights, but to prevent any unnecessary complications and delays in the immigration process.

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