Immigration Reform: What the Future Could Hold

One of the propositions for immigration reform comes from a group of bipartisan senators, and includes what is termed a flexible guest-worker program. The proposals were unveiled in January, and there are certain parts of it that are worthy of further scrutiny. The proposal includes the sentence, "allow more lower-skilled immigrants to come here when our economy is creating jobs, and fewer when our economy is not creating jobs." The idea is to implement a highly flexible system that could allow for fluctuating numbers of guest workers to enter the country, based on actual need.

The numbers of guest workers is already in the range of 2 million per year, and if the families of the workers are counted, the number is actually in the range of 3 million people entering the USA per year, and many come to Ohio. The claim is that set "arbitrary" numbers of guest workers being allowed into the country is unworkable, as the need for workers fluctuates and cannot actually be based upon arbitrary numbers which could be set for political reasons, rather than based upon the actual need for workers.

This is only one of the issues that is on the table in proposed immigration reform. Under President Obama's term, there has been a significant change for young people that have lived in the USA since age 15 and are undocumented. Not everyone will qualify, but many thousands of young people that have essentially grown up American can be safe from deportation through "deferred action." If you live in the state of Ohio and need to resolve an immigration issue, contact Brown Immigration Law. We have over 50 years of combined experience helping immigrant families.

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