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Detention and Bonds: Have You Been Detained?

Have you been placed under detention for illegally immigrating or residing unlawfully within the United States? If so, it is important that you understand that you still have rights. It may seem like a dark and hopeless time, especially if you have been living in this country for a long period of time, but with the assistance of our dedicated and experienced immigration attorneys, you may be able to receive an immigration bond and work toward procuring a visa or changing your immigration status to allow you to stay in the States.

To determine eligibility for a detainee immigration bond, you will first need to ensure that you meet specific criteria. You must be free from charges of serious crimes and must not be an arriving alien. Arriving aliens are those who are trying to enter into the United States at a port of entry either illegally or under false pretenses. Even those with expunged crimes can still be at risk of being removed from the country, so it is imperative that you speak with an attorney regarding your specific situation. Even if you meet all the criteria for an immigration bond, you may still be denied one. It is ultimately up to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency whether or not you will receive an immigration bond.

Retaining an Attorney for Your Bond Hearing

After an arrest or detention for illegally residing in the U.S., you may be feeling flustered and worried, so why try to face the immigration court alone? You will have to have a bond hearing in front of a judge before it is determined if you can receive an immigration bond or not. With the assistance of an attorney, you will have a better chance of receiving your bond or, in the event that the bond is denied, your Ohio immigration lawyer can help you make an appeal. With the guidance of an attorney from Brown Immigration Law, you will be able to fight for your immigration status and you may be able to stay within the United States.

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