Stay of Removal in Ohio

Have You Been Ordered To Deport?

After an arrest or an order to deport, a lot of people feel confused and frightened about what their future may hold. Many immigrants have been in the United States, perhaps illegally, for years and consider this country to be their home. In order to stay in the United States, you will need to become a lawful resident, obtain permanent resident status, and request a stay of removal. To correctly complete a stay of removal request and ensure that your form gets processed in an efficient matter, it may be to your advantage to work with an attorney from our firm.

A stay of removal will be granted by one a few government agencies that handle immigration. Your stay of removal may be granted by the Board of Immigration Appeals, the Department of Homeland Security, or a federal court, which is usually the immigration court. To request a stay of removal, you must be a person of good moral turpitude, have no outstanding warrants or criminal convictions, show proof that you have resided in the United States for a continuous period of time, and complete an application for stay of removal or deportation. A fee of $150 will be requested to process this application.

Brown Immigration Law can help!

Staying in the United States is important to many people. A lot of times, those who are being deported back to their native country did not realize that their visa ran out or never intended to cause serious complications within the U.S. system. If you and your family wish to remain in this country legally, then you may need to become naturalized citizens to obtain permanent residence cards, also known as green cards.

The dedicated attorneys at Brown Immigration Law may be able to help you in your time of need. We have years of experience assisting our clients with achieving favorable outcomes in their immigration proceedings and we may be able to help you as well.

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