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U.S. visas give foreign citizens permission to legally visit, work and live in the United States for a specified period of time. There are a number of different visa types available, according to the visitor's status and purpose. While immigrant visas are given to those seeking to permanently work and reside in the United States, non-immigrant visas are intended to allow individuals to visit the country temporarily under specific conditions. From immigration to non-immigration visas, we can help you petition for the right status for your unique needs. Our Columbus visa lawyers can provide informative legal guidance through the application process.

Non-Immigration Visas

We can help with the attainment of non-immigrant visas, including:

  • B-1: Temporary travelers with business-related purposes
  • B-2: Short-term business, tourism, or pleasure
  • E: Citizens from treaty countries whose purpose in visiting is related to trade and commerce
  • F, M: Student or academic
  • H-1B: "Specialty occupation" workers, whose jobs require highly specialized knowledge and education, or who are involved in governmental research and development projects concerning the U.S. and another country
  • H-2(A or B): Temporary worker
  • J: Student exchange
  • K: Fiancés and spouses of U.S. citizens
  • L: Intracompany transferees of multinational corporations
  • O: Individuals who possess extraordinary ability or have made significant achievements and are visiting for the purpose of performing or demonstrating their work
  • P: Internationally recognized artists, athletes, or entertainers who are visiting for purposes relating to their work

How Do I Determine Which Non-Immigrant Visa Category Is Suitable For Me?

Determining the most suitable non-immigrant visa category for your circumstances can be complex, but here are some general steps to help you navigate the process:

  1. Assess your purpose of travel: Determine the primary reason for your visit to the United States, such as tourism, business, employment, education, or family-related matters.
  2. Research visa categories: Familiarize yourself with the various non-immigrant visa categories available. Visit the official website of the U.S. Department of State to explore the visa options and their specific requirements.
  3. Review eligibility criteria: Understand the eligibility criteria and requirements for each visa category. Consider factors such as your qualifications, intended activities, duration of stay, and any specific conditions or limitations associated with the visa.
  4. Consult an immigration attorney: If you're unsure about which visa category is most suitable for you, consider seeking advice from our experienced immigration attorneys. We can assess your individual circumstances, evaluate your options, and provide personalized guidance based on our expertise.

It's important to note that the determination of the appropriate visa category can have legal and long-term implications. Therefore, seeking professional guidance from a Columbus visa lawyer can help ensure you make an informed decision and navigate the process successfully.

Immigration Visas

There are also numerous categories of immigrant visas; those eligible include the spouses and fiancés of U.S. citizens, adopted children of U.S. citizens, certain family members of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents, and employees of U.S. employers. 

Obtaining a visa requires the completion and submission of the appropriate applications and petitions to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. These filings are often complex, requiring legal briefs, multiple exhibits and extensive documentation.

How We Can Help You Secure a U.S. Visa

Obtaining a U.S. visa does not automatically require the services of an immigration attorney, but the counsel of a dedicated immigration professional can simplify the process tremendously, while also increasing the overall likelihood of being able to successfully navigate the immigration process. At Brown Immigration Law, we have nearly seven decades of combined experience in immigration cases.

Our team of experienced Columbus immigration visa lawyers can help you determine the most appropriate visa to apply for and walk you through the entire process. We’ll work to improve efficiency in constructing your filing and work towards attaining overall success. We have helped countless employers, families, and foreign nationals secure the U.S. visas they need - while sparing them time and headaches along the way.

To put our services to work for you, call Brown Immigration Law at (614) 698-1205. Schedule your initial visa consultation with our team today.

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