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At Brown Immigration Law, we understand that being taken into custody by immigration enforcement is one of the most frightful and frustrating experiences you could face. If you are dealing with detention by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), then you will need an immigration attorney to help you solve the situation and obtain bonds.

At Brown Immigration Law, we have a tough team of deportation defense lawyers who are prepared to represent your case and fight for your rights. Founding Attorney Robert Brown has earned a reputation for his experience and dedication to immigration cases. Rather than feeling as if you must give up, you should obtain the help of our team of attorneys who are prepared to represent you and defend your rights.

Common Reasons for Immigration Detention

Immigration detention is a holding stage for anyone who is facing the possibility of removal from the United States. The immigrant is detained until a final decision is made concerning his or her case.

The most common reasons for detention include:

  • Visa violation
  • Illegal entry into the country
  • Unauthorized entry

Attorneys Robert Brown, Rishi Oza, Erin Brown, and Aleksandar Cuic can investigate your situation by reviewing your detention case. In order to make sure that you are not deported from the country or receive a criminal charge, it is important to get the legal assistance you need right away.

What is an Immigration Bond?

A bond is a deposit of money that is needed by the Department of Homeland Security. This bond has the ability to release an immigrant from custody. The deposit can be made by a family member, who can be given back the money at the end of the case if the immigrant who has been detained shows up at each removal hearing.

If the immigrant does not arrive at each hearing, then the money is taken by the government. These are situations that can lead to negative consequences if handled incorrectly.

Not all individuals are eligible for an immigration bond, so contact an attorney for more information.

Immigration Bond Hearings

If you are detained, you can request a bond hearing. The immigration bond hearing will be before a judge and will determine whether or not you are eligible for release and the bond amount. During the immigration bond hearing, you have the opportunity to present evidence to a judge on whether or not you are a flight risk, and if you should be granted a bond for release. You can also have family members attend your hearing and even testify if necessary, to strengthen your case.

Was a Loved One Detained by Immigration Officials?

If you have been taken to a detention center, one of our attorneys from Brown Immigration Law can help guide you through the process.

Contact one of our attorneys from Brown Immigration Law tod


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