Florida Notice to Appear

Defending Against Deportation Actions

If you have been criminally charged while residing as a temporary immigrant in the United States, then you will probably be issued a Notice to Appear (NTA) in court before an immigration judge. A notice to appear is typically administered to those who have violated an immigration law and must face the consequences of a criminal charge.

If you are living in the country illegally or have surpassed your visa's allotted timeframe, then you may be served with a Notice to Appear (NTA) document, which is the initial stage of the removal process.

Information Included in a Notice to Appear

This document fully explains the reasons that you are no longer permitted to stay in the U.S., including record of any criminal offenses committed. The notice to appear also addresses defenses and waivers that can be established or requested.

When this document is issued, it must contain the following:

  • Name and address of the accused
  • Date the offense was made
  • Offense charges
  • Counts of each offense
  • Time and place to appear
  • Name of the arresting officer
  • Signature of the accused

A notice to appear is a written order issued by a law enforcement officer. The arresting officer is typically the individual who administers the document unless the accused refuses to be identified or sign the notice.

What Happens During Your Hearings

After receiving a notice to appear, you must appear for your first hearing, which is called a Master Calendar (MC) Hearing. In some cases, you may have multiple hearings depending on your situation.

During the hearings, here is what you can expect:

  • You will enter a plea, either admitting or denying the allegations.
  • You will have the opportunity to present your case in front of a judge and respond to the allegations in the NTA.
  • You may also request relief options if you are eligible
  • The judge will make a decision on whether to proceed with deportation

You do not want to represent yourself during the hearing, and unlike in a criminal trial, the government is not required to provide a defense attorney at their own expense. It is important that you hire an attorney who can represent you throughout the process to protect your rights and help you prepare a strong case.

Fighting to Help You Stay

A notice to appear threatens the life you dreamed of in this country and, without effective assistance from a professional representative, you will face deportation and a possible bar from the United States. Founding Attorney Robert Brown and the rest of our legal team have decades of experience that can be used to your advantage. We will help you effectively handle your case to solve the immigration issue, and find ways to provide relief from removal.

Contact our Orlando deportation defense firm today if you do not know what to do after being issued a notice to appear. Our attorneys serve clients in Daytona Beach, Kissimmee, and throughout the Orlando area.


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