New Office Intra Company Transfer (L)

The CIS regulations provide special provisions where a new parent, subsidiary, branch, or affiliate offices opened in United States and the employer wants to employ a manager or executive but does not have much proof of an extensive ongoing business. This is considered a new office L. With a new office L the employer must demonstrate:

  1. the proposed nature of the office, including a description of the extent of the office the organizational structure and the financial goals;
  2. The size of the investment in United States and the financial ability of the foreign entity to pay the beneficiary and to begin business;and
  3. the organizational structure of the non-US entity.

In order to receive an approval for the first year the petitioner must demonstrate that a large enough or sufficient physical premises has been obtained and that within the first year the business will support an executive or managerial position. A business plan may be submitted that projects the staffing levels anticipated by the end of the first year. A "new office L" may only be approve for one year initially. after the first year. Extensions may be obtained by presenting evidence that the business is active and operating. CIS looks to " number of employees, significant growth in cash flow, presence of significant customers and clientele, or similar amounts."

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