Writs of Mandamus

Legal Actions for Immigration Applications

After filing an immigration case, meeting all the requirements and providing all the necessary information and evidence, many people experience lengthy delays and frustrating setbacks from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. When all procedures have been properly met and the USCIS still fails to make a decision about your immigration status in a reasonable amount of time, there are options available. Depending on the situation, applicants may be able to file complaints against the USCIS.

Known as writs of mandamus, these lawsuits or legal complaints are available for eligible immigrants who:

  • Properly file an application for an immigration benefit
  • Submit all the necessary evidence
  • Meet any additional requirements
  • Have not received a decision from the USCIS in a reasonable amount of time

After reviewing the issues, the court has the ability to require the USCIS to make a decision on an immigration application within a specific period of time, usually anywhere from 30 to 90 days. Writs of mandamus can be filed for a number of immigration applications, including naturalization and adjustment of status procedures. While this can help alleviate worries about the USCIS's lack of action, it does not mean that they will approve an application. When successful, writs of mandamus can force the USCIS to meet a reasonable processing time for an application.

Take Action with Our Orlando Immigration Firm

When applicants devote their time and efforts to filing an immigration application and meeting all the necessary requirements, they deserve to receive a decision from the USCIS. As an aggressive legal action, writs of mandamus will help those who met all the application procedures receive this decision in a reasonable and fair amount of time. At Brown Immigration Law, our attorneys are prepared to use our experience and exceptional legal skills to successfully complete these formal complaints and help applicants obtain a status decision.

To discuss your immigration case and the potential for a writ of mandamus, contact us today.

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