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Understanding Changes of Visa Status in North Carolina

Often confused with an adjustment of status, which changes an immigrant's status from non-immigrant to lawful permanent resident, a change of status allows an immigrant to change from one non-immigrant status to another. For example, an individual may enter the U.S. with an H visa as a seasonal worker. Later, they may decide to pursue a degree at a U.S. university, which requires them to switch their H visa to an F-1 student visa. This requires a change of status.

It is vital that you apply for a change of status before your current non-immigrant visa expires. Otherwise, you may be subject to removal or deportation. While you await a response from the USCIS regarding your request, it is also important that you do not change your actions. Everything you do must continue to comply with your current immigrant status until your change of status is granted.

Why request a status change?

Non-immigrant visas can be very restricting regarding your actions. If you come to the U.S. under the conditions of one visa and then realize that you want to pursue other actions or opportunities in the United States, your best choice would be to request a change of status. The sooner you do so, the sooner you can begin pursuing your desired activities, so speak with a immigration lawyer today to discuss your options.

How Our Firm Can Assist You

Our team at Brown Immigration Law has counseled and represented immigrants in North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, and across the United States and the world for decades. Find out how we could help you by calling now for a comprehensive consultation. We would love to review your situation and help you make an educated decision regarding your immigrant status.

To find out how a lawyer can help you switch to a different non-immigrant visa, or to discuss the option of lawful permanent residency, contact Brown Immigration Law.

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