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The term habeas corpus literally translates to "you have the body." Habeas corpus is a writ that provides you with the right to a fair trial. If you have been arrested for any crime or have been detained by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, then you can practice your right of habeas corpus and demand that your case be brought before a judge. This writ can also prevent you from being unlawfully detained and allow you to provide evidence in support of your case. This legal process can be confusing - especially for those who are not natives of the U.S. and therefore unfamiliar with U.S. court practices - which is why it is so important that you contact an attorney from our firm the moment you are detained or arrested.

The writ of habeas corpus is considered an extraordinary law but it is protected under the United States Constitution. This writ will not be suspended unless by an act of rebellion or invasion. Habeas corpus is also a civil law that helps determine the jurisdiction in sentencing a person in custody. In terms of immigration law, habeas corpus may be used if a person feels that they are wrongfully being deported or want to challenge the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency before deportation proceedings begin.

You need the assistance of an attorney!

It is important that you recognize how critical this time in your life is. You will need to work with an attorney to help protect you and your family from deportation. With the assistance of our dedicated lawyers, you will be able to remain in the United States and continue to prosper as a legal United States resident. For years, Brown Immigration Law has assisted clients throughout Ohio and we will be able to assist you as well.

When you have been detained or fear that detention and deportation are imminent, then do not wait; contact an Ohio immigration lawyer today.

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