Non-Immigrant Visas

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There are certain visas that are available to those who do not wish to move to the United States on a permanent basis. These visas are called non-immigrant visas and offer a wide range of options to visitors, students, and those seeking to spend time in the United States without completely immigrating. If you are not looking for employment in the States but are just looking to travel or come to the country on a temporary status, then you may be eligible for one of the following types of non-immigration visas:

  • A Visa

Foreign government officials looking to travel to the United States may qualify for an A Visa. This is a temporary visa and does not permit permanent residence.

  • B-1 Visa

Business visas, also known as B-1 visas, are reserved for citizens of foreign countries who wish to enter the U.S. as a visitor to consult on business matters or attend a conference or other professional meeting.

  • C Visa

C Visas are also known as transit visas. These visas are reserved for those transiting through the U.S. or using the country as a stop-over en route to another destination.

  • D Visa

These visas are for crewmembers serving on ships or airplanes. If you are a flight attendant who works for an airline that frequently stops in the U.S., then you may need to apply for a D visa.

  • F-2 Visa

Spouses and children of those holding F-1 student visas can be eligible for F-2 visas. These allow family members to stay in the country while the F-1 visa holder completes his or her necessary education.

  • G Visa

If you or a member of your family are a part of an international organization, then you may be able to apply for a G visa.

  • J Visa

Exchange visitors, such as foreign exchange students, may be able to receive a J visa. This visa allows them to spend time in the country for work- or study-based exchange visitor programs.

  • M Visa

Some students who are looking to attend a vocational or technical school within the U.S. can apply to receive an M visa.

  • N Visa

This is also known as the NATO visa. Family members and representatives of NATO are eligible to receive the N visa under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

  • S Visa

Very seldom, people who are informants against people involved in terrorism or organized crime can receive an S visa to work in the United States.

Getting Assistance with Your Visa

If you are looking to obtain a non-immigrant visa, or a visa that is not commonly used in the United States, then you may benefit from hiring a dedicated and understanding Ohio immigration attorney from Brown Immigration Law. We have years of experience in assisting our clients with pursuing the best possible outcome for their particular situation.

If you have questions regarding your eligibility or what visa may be best for you and your family, do not hesitate in contacting our firmas soon as possible.

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