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Persecution in Ohio: Obtaining Asylum in the U.S.

People looking to gain asylum or refugee status in the United States where they can be from persecution in their home countries can do so with the assistance of an understanding and aggressive attorney. At Brown Immigration Law we will help you obtain the freedom from fear of persecution. If you fear for your life because of your religion, race, nationality, or political opinion and cannot return to your home country, then you may be able to apply for asylum. Our Ohio immigration lawyers will help you understand how any of the following may apply to your case:

  • Asylum

Asylum is granted to refugees who have fled their home countries out of fear of persecution. The sanctuary and place of refuge known as asylum in the United States will be granted to those who qualify for refugee status.

  • Refugee Status

Thousands of people each year enter the United States looking to receive protection from persecution occurring in their home countries. They may be looking for a safe haven from religious, racial, or political persecution. If you are granted asylum, then you will be allowed into the United States without fear of removal. You may also petition to bring your family into the United States once you have been granted asylum.

  • Withholding

If you are looking to stop a removal proceeding, then you may be able to apply for a withholding of removal. This can be highly beneficial to those seeking refugee status or who fear that returning to their country may result in their death or being subjected to torture. An lawyer can help you determine if you qualify for asylum. If you fear that you may be deported, then it is imperative that you act fast to safeguard your human rights and protect your future.

  • Convention Against Torture

A basic human right is the ability to live peacefully without fear of torture or death. The United Nations recognizes the convention against torture as a means to prevent cruel and inhumane punishment to people around the world. If you fear that returning to your home country will result in imminent danger such as torture, death, or persecution, then it is absolutely imperative that you work with an attorney.

Protecting You and Your Family

Every person has the right to defend their lives and the lives of their family members. If you fear that returning to your home country will end in your being tortured or killed, then you need to speak with an lawyer from Brown Immigration Law as soon as possible. With the assistance of our dedicated and aggressive attorneys, you may be able to protect your future, family, and well-being.

Do not hesitate to contact our firm today if you are seeking asylum or refugee status. No one should fear for their lives - our firm can help you fight for yours!

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